Cast of Frozen Jr!

This week’s schedule is as follows::

4:00-7:00: FULL CAST CALLED. Please come to rehearsal ready to move. Toe covered shoes, preferably dance shoes, along with dance attire OR  clothes you can move in. I encourage all cast members to be ready to do some homework on breaks! Bring water bottles and healthy snacks. REMINDER: ALL CHILDREN MUST BE PICKED UP IN THE MTA LOBBY. NO CHILD WILL BE ABLE TO MEET IN THE PARKING LOT. 


Let The Sun Shine On



Let The Sun Shine On

Music & Blocking

p. 9

A Little Bit of You m. 1-34

See you all on Tuesday! 
As Olaf says…Warm Hugs!
Let’s turn these butterflies into magic!

Miss Holly and the FROZEN STAFF!

Cast of Frozen Jr!
The Audition is the most difficult and crucial part of the show experience. Thank you for your patience and dedication. We realize you have so many obligations in your life and have watched how every one of you made the last 2 weeks a priority.
Congrats on a brilliant 4 days of music, storytelling, friendship building, all mixed together with auditions. We will be reviewing all the magical moments that were brought to the auditioning panel! Your talents are a gift to us!! Please do not expect a Final Cast List until early next week. We will do our best to have one asap. We may have to continue the dance audition thru the last week of February. This is proving to be the most incredible group of talented kids I have seen in one room! And you know I have been doing this a long time! You have made those butterflies turn into magic and surprised us at every audition. Remember we WILL find a special place for every child’s individual talent to shine! The success of the show relies on the entire ensemble.
We will have one final callback on Thursday, 2/14 from 4:00-6:00:
Anna: Sing FIRST TIME IN FOREVER measures 32 thru 58 as well as measure 88 thru the end of the song, sung with Elsa in unison. Be prepared to read all sides.
Reagan, Mable, Ella, Ashley, Mairin, Naomi, Isadora
Elsa: Sing DANGEROUS TO DREAM measure 1 thru 43 and FIRST TIME IN FOREVER measures 88 thru the end, in unison with Anna.  Be prepared to read all sides.
Ashley, Isadora, Mable, Helena, Megan, Bailey, Mairin
Olaf: Sing the entire song of IN SUMMER and be prepared to read all sides.
Grant, Jack, Ella, Brody
Be prepared to read and sing all songs.
Ryan and Oliver
**measures are the segments in the songs divided by the vertical bar lines. You will see a small number above each bar line. We’ve taught this already. Your cast member should know. Call me if unsure!
**sides are the specific scenes we have been referring to since the AUDITIONING WORKSHOPS and the first day of auditions. Those of you who practiced with Jenna will know! Call me if unsure.
I want you all to be prepared, so call me with questions.  949-887-4288
Those of you who are not called on Thursday, have a fantastic SKI WEEK and MTA BREAK. Review your scripts. ALL of you are in ALL of the show. Read and begin memorizing all the music and all of the script. You know we have so many solos, duets, dances, tricks and special moments yet to be cast!

Tip to all cast members: The more you know, the more fun you will have! LEARN THE SCRIPT!
Miss Holly and The Frozen Staff.

Cast of Frozen Jr!

Tomorrow’s rehearsal schedule is as follows:

2/12: 4:00-6:00: FULL CAST IS CALLED. 
  Learn Fixer Upper. The following are called back for solos:
Pabbie: Jack, Grant, Landon, Oliver. Brody,  
Bulda: Ashley, Isadora, Megan, Bailey, Naomi, Leilani, Mable Sumner, 
H.F. FIrst Solo Callback: Ryan, Sabrina, Brooke, Presley, Lucy K, Sophie K, CC, Geneva, Asher, Kate S, Sophie T, 
H.F. Second Solo Callback: Addy, Madeline, Lucy H, Lydia, Ella, Reese, Bella, Anna, Zoe, Isabella, Elizabeth, Elliot, Sofia W 
H.F. Third Solo: Shira, Liana, Abby, Helena, Zoey, Reagan, Milla, Sophia M, Reese, Ava, Mairin, Kate Weber, McCall, London 
Olaf: Grant, Jack, Brody, Ella

    Dance Audition

6:00-6:15: Elsa callback sing Last 24 bars of Let It Go and will be released at : Naomi, Ashley, Bailey, Helena, Reagan, Mairin, Isadora, Megan, Leilani, Mable.

6:00-7:00: Young Anna and Young Elsa sing A Little Bit of You.
Young Anna: Reagan, Shira, Liana, McCall, Abby, Ava, Zoey S,  
Young Elsa: Mairin, Lydia, Reagon, Presley, Sophia M, London, Bella S

2/14 4:00-6:00 Actors TBA.  If you are on current callback lists, please continue to review. Thursdays callback will include:
(TBA Tuesday night) Anna callback actors will sing For The First Time In Forever and read sides.
(TBA Tuesday night) Hans read and possibly sing.
(TBA Tuesday night) Kristof read.
(TBA Tuesday night) Olaf to sing entire song of In Summer. You do not have to memorize.  And read. 
(TBA Tuesday night) Elsa to read and sing Dangerous to Dream.

Below is a note from Tina! This year you want to get your t-shirt to wear! They will be black with blue logo!

Everyone should begin learning all the songs! There are many roles and solos throughout the show. Most of the cast is in most of the songs! 

See you in Arendelle! 
Miss Holly and the Frozen Staff

I can officially say…

Hi Cast of Frozen Jr!

The first two days of auditions proved once again that our MTA kids can really bring the talent! Thank you all for being patient as we worked on securing the rights to Frozen Jr! It’s going to be a magical season. I hope to get the scripts next week. Until then, we will continue to use the Audition Central sides and send you the musical links for preparing the songs. I will also begin scheduling the call back times as I have done in the past. 

We will stick to the schedule with a  full cast call from 4:00 to 6:00 on Tuesday, as well as specified times on Monday 4:00-7:00, Tuesday 6:00-7:00m and Thursday 4:00-7:00.  I will send updates regularly. With your help, we will have the final cast list as soon as possible.

Woo hoo!! We have a show!

The cast rehearses every Tuesday through production in June. Rehearsals are from 4:00-6:00 pm with select scene rehearsals from 6:00-7:00/7:30 (varies week to week) Please be advised that every rehearsal attendance is mandatory and crucial to the success of the show. Full ensemble will be called often. In addition, all those auditioning for leading roles must commit to Thursday rehearsals beginning in April and continuing through show. (excluding MTA’s Spring Break)

2/4/19  Auditioning Workshop Day
There are 3 time slots available. This class is highly recommended to all cast members. This workshop is directed by Miss Holly. It will give you all the specifics on how to prep for auditions and help build confidence. It is the perfect way to give you pointers and help you prepare to bring your best to the auditions.

2/5/19  Registration and First Audition Day

2/7/19  4:00-7:00pm Call Backs Continue with select cast members called.
2/11/19 4:00-7:00pm Call Backs Continue with select cast members called.
2/12/19 4:00-7:00pm Full Cast Called.
2/19/19 NO REHEARSAL. Review your scripts and enjoy Winter Break and come back ready to rehearse!
2/26/19 4:00-7:00pm Full Cast Called.

When Rehearsal Season begins, look for our Weekly Back Stage Notes email to stay posted on all the details.

6/1/19   1:30 -5:30pm Tech Week begins. Dress rehearsal at MTA Studio.
6/10/19 through 6/13/19  4:00-8:00pm Mandatory Tech Week Rehearsals at The Rose Center Theater in Westminster.
6/14/19  7:00pm Show. Opening Night Performance.  (Call times TBA)
6/15/19  1:00pm Matinee Show. (Call times TBA)
7:00pm Show. Closing Night Performance. (Call times TBA)