Welcome Cast of The Opening Act! (TOA)

 The cast of The Opening Act, or TOA, consists of singers, dancers, musicians, and those with hidden talents! Cast members in this performance-based class will be the First Act of our Brite Star’s production of The Little Mermaid. This is a class focused on individual performance technique with solos, duets, trios, specialty acts, as well as ensemble numbers. The show will be written and customized according to the individuals in the cast. Over the course of 14 rehearsals we will focus on each student’s special spark! Every cast member will have a featured solo or moment, as well as learn the importance of working together to put on a show! This is truly a class with a focus on building confidence on stage! If you are ready to take it to the SPOTLIGHT – alone – or in a small group – then this is the class for you! 

Regular rehearsals begin Monday, 10/14 from 4:00pm – 5:30pm. Join us for our parent meeting 10/14 from 4:00pm – 4:30pm. During our parent meeting we will expect everyone to sign up for volunteer positions such as assist with concessions, costumes, fund raising, etc. The success of our shows rely on you…the families of MTA. Let’s make this season our best yet! Mary Gonzales will be available to assist in the office and Johnny Bisaha will be my assistant with all things show. 

Please be advised that rehearsal attendance is mandatory, as class meets only once a week and we will be customizing the production to this cast. Due to the nature of the individual performances, we will limit the class to 20 students. I want to be able to coach this cast in a more individual way. 

Come to the first rehearsal prepared to show us your talent. Be prepared to perform a song of your choice, a dance combination, or talent.  Please keep it to approximately one minute. We will provide a cd player, phone, or ipad to play if you prefer to perform with a track, a cappella is fine as well. We will continue sharing talents for a few rehearsals as I begin to write our show together. If you do not want to be considered for a solo and would prefer to perform in a group, we will discuss those options during class. Every show is filled with shining moments, including group numbers along with solos!

After assessing the cast, I will then begin the process of writing a show based on the talent we have in our cast. That is the beauty of THE OPENING ACT. It’s a show written for you!  Bring music tracks, instruments and your smile! This is going to be fun! Also, please research the song Opening Up (the Waitress Finale) from the musical Waitress. We all will begin learning these songs on Monday and will perform them during THE OPENING ACT as a group with solos and duets. Come to every rehearsal dressed in comfy clothes that allow you to tumble and dance modestly. Wear toe covered shoes ready to dance!

THE OPENING ACT (TOA) Schedule is as follows:

First Class 10/14 4:00-5:30
No Class on 11/25, 12/24, 12/31, 1/14/19 (due to tech week schedule)

Mandatory Dress/Tech Rehearsals: 

Saturday 1/11/19 at MTA from 6:00-7:30

Wednesday 1/15/19 from 3:00-5:30 at the Rose Center Theater in Westminster.

Thursday 1/16/19 from 3:00-5:30 at The Rose Center Theater in Westminster. Cast Photo.
Rehearsals are closed to parents unless you are on a volunteer list and background checked.

January 17/20: OPENING NIGHT! 7:00 Show Time. 5:30 Call Time. Report to the stage door. We will then escort your cast member into the theater.

January 18/20: Saturday Matinee Performance 1:00 Show Time. 12:00 Call Time. Same Applies.

During shows, dinner Break is taken with Family and Friends. There will be no supervision during the break. All cast members must leave the theater. Please do not eat in costume. We want everyone looking spiffy for the evening performance. 

January 19/20: Saturday Evening Performance 7:00 Performance. 5:30 Call Time.

*We communicate with our Brite Star families in the form of Back Stage Notes. Please look for updates on the website under BSN’s to stay updated on all things TOA. We will also continue to send emails.

*MTA is always in need of batteries and nine volts during the production month. It takes 1000s of batteries to ensure we make all the cast members sound the best as possible. Donations are greatly appreciated. Also, we will be collecting concession treats to sell as a fund raiser during intermissions. We ask that every family donate 2 cases of small water bottles and a case of snacks for our concession stand preferably from Costco. 

*Important Ticket Info! Tickets for the Brite Star’s performances at The Rose Center Theater will go on sale in December. Please take note that we sell out very quickly. Be prepared to contact the box office at The Rose promptly. We cannot guarantee ticket availability other than thru the box office. We will send out specific dates as we get closer to show time. We will also be holding our Annual Dance Party Fund Raiser at MTA on Tuesday December 10, 2019

*We are offering adorable T-Shirts and Hoodies to celebrate this season’s shows. Your child’s name will be listed as a cast member on it. We will be taking all orders during our first rehearsal at the end of the parent meeting. Please see Mary Gonzales for details. We all look forward to meeting you next Monday at the MTAOC Studio!

Holly BIsaha

MTAOC Youth Director

949-887-4288 or call the studio!

Stay in touch with all things show at , click BSN’s on the navigation bar the drop down menu where you will find TOA.